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Sunset / Sunrise

This blog is now closed. A bit sad but...
It will still be here for you to look at, none of your fabulous work is going anywhere. If you want to, you can still even make a comment.

My new classroom blog is here. It is called The Room 20 Tree of PRIDE. I am excited to be moving on to new things and very glad that this blog will stay here, containing so many treasures from Parkvale 18, 2010 and 2011. Thank you so much for reading, viewing, listening and contributing!

Mr M

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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Our New Song

Thanks for all the suggestions for songs. I have decided on Junathan's nomination of "Invincible" because it is catchy, funky, has boy and girl parts and most importantly the lyrics are appropriate. I have shared the lyrics on a google doc with you, so have fun and start learning and choreographing.

Our inspiration:
Room 16's Stereo Hearts

U Can't Touch This

Mr M

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Y6 Camp @ sk8 Zone

The evil cockroach

Once there was an evil cockroach who lived in a tall tree  his name was Newton Fuzzletop but people call him Newton. One day he was in a bug science fair he had a prize winner - an integrated circuited volcano but a bully named Mr Fantastic- Goody- Two- Shoes ruined his project everybody laughed and Mr Fantastic won, Newton swore his revenge and he's about to get it.
"Fellow members of the league of R.A.T.H.I.M.F.A.S. we have a new member who presumes he has a way to defeat Mr Fat-tastic..." said the leader of the league Mr Boom-bas-tic. The first victim at the hands of Mr Fantastic, the new entry however got it worse... "his name is Newton Fuzzletop.  What will your evil name be Newton?" said Boom-bas-tic. The league just call him Boom. "Err," said Newton. "Why can't it be Newton?" he said shyly.
"No no no NO!!!" boomed Boom. "If you're evil you've got to have an evil nick NAME!!!" boomed Boom again.
"(Sigh) fine," said Newton arrogantly. "How about Dr N?" Newton said proudly. "Yeah YEAH I like it," said Boom.
"So how will we defeat Mr Fat-tastic?" Boom asked joyfully. "Who's Mr Fat-tastic? I thought we wanted to defeat Mr Fantastic or have I got the wrong league address?" said the new Dr N. "(angry sigh)MR Fat-tastic is what we call MR Fan-frigging-tastic you IDIOT!!!" boomed Boom again "OK OK" said Dr n " will you just stop shouting or else I will leave and help Mr Fantastic" he tried to yell "how DA..." "Wait, what did you just say?" he said quizzically
"YOU HEARD ME!" boomed Newton.
"Actually, I didn't," he said.


"Well....why don't we get to my plan?"
asked N. Yes I would love that this story is dragging on to long but any way..

"Yeah I agree with the narrator so spit it out," said Boom agreeing with me. Thank you. "You're welcome," but any way back to Newton. "As I was saying my contraption was an integrated circuited volcano but instead Mr Fat-tas-tic stole the night before the fair...and wrecked my house. My Mum and Dad blamed me for it but I caught him on camera and they still did not believe me. After my humiliation at the fair, I challenged him to a fight. I got wet willies, sack attacks, wedgies and in the end a nose shot that made my face red with blood, fear and anger. Then I kicked him in the leg as I smelt the stench of Principal Skinner coming. He saw me kick him and gave me an hour detention and gave Fat-tas-tic a reward for fighting off a bully to the school $1000000, which is unbelievable  seeing that was meant to go to the cockroach fund helping poor cockroaches and their families get out of their debt. Now every cockroach in the forest hates me...." "I would say!" agreed every cockroach there, which was 13 out of 15 members. "...but it was Mr fat-tas-tic, remember?" asked N. "Oh yeah," said the cockroaches.


"So my plan is we make a giant volcano with real lava and fire it at his house," explained N.
"YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled everyone there. "So let's get to it!" said Newton. Then they worked day and night for 5 weeks and over the Christmas holidays but went home for Christmas. When school came back in they had 1 week before Mr Fantastic went to college, so they tripled construction and never took breaks, they finished 2 days before he was going to college. It was miles away, by the time they would get there he would of graduated.


They got his address. The night before he went, they had to strike NOW or they would never get their payback. They had built their volcano, filled it with lava and were outside his house. This was it...CLANK!
"What was that?"....BOOM!!!  They were all sent flying. The league, Mr Fantastic & his parents, even all the league's parents got sent flying. All of them towards the Principal's office. Conveniently, they all landed on pillows. Honestly pillows, what? Honestly, well it is a fairytale so yeah, but anyway they landed in the Principal's office while the Principal was at his desk doing....the unspeakable err... but the best thing for everybody was that the lava somehow didn't kill him. He was so dirty, all the dirt protected him so he was clean, happy and best of all alive. This is why that day was the best day of my life and everything with the league was sorted out. Mr Fantastic was permanently banned from the science fair and the league. For attempted murder the whole league got 3 months in juvie and for making 15 people attempt murder Mr Fantastic got 3...DECADES in juvie, then prison and had to get given the chair. His parents had to give the cockroach money back and mostly everybody lived for five days. Then the Exterminator came and only the league, their parents and the Principal lived.


This is Principal Skinner personal log 15229754, signing out. PEACE.  BEEP.  CLICK.
By Tyler

Author's note

All of the stuff I write I get the ideas from TV shows and movies. Then I change them into my own ideas so they're not copyright. And that's another idea taken from a TV show!
Copyright T.L. Kelly 2011.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Should Kids Get Pocket Money?

Pocket money
View more presentations from mrmoriarty.

Can you please give me your opinion on what you think?
Slideshow by Angus.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Flying Fred

This is Flying Fred. He is a mix between a bird and an elephant. Flying Fred has purple ears, an orange face and trunk, a checked body and spotted wings. He is an endangered species, the only one left in the world. When Flying Fred needs to get to places he flies because he has no legs.

By Olivia   

Boo the cartoon bear !!!

This is Boo my cartoon bear.
Boo is a scary, funny and a talented bear.
He was born on Mars and has a twin sister named Yuuuuk.
Boo can be a little silly at times like once he played tag on the roof uh oh !!!
Boo is a great drawer he can draw  the map of Parkvale school in 10 seconds. Amazing right !!!
 This is Boo my talented bear !!!

By Breanna

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Square Numbers

Follow this link to practise finding the square root of numbers

This is the link for the the 100s board we looked at the pattern of square numbers on. (countersquare)

This is a good grid game to practise multiplication on. (Grid Game)

WALT present our writing effectively

More of our writing, inspired by the King Raam production at Hastings Intermediate. Click on an image to expand it and read the words. You can also flick through the images as a slideshow.

King Raam

Yesterday we went to Hastings Intermediate School and watched their fantastic production, King Raam. We decided to write some responses to the production, to send to the Intermediate. The children all decided on the purpose and text type for their piece of writing. Here are the first two finished and presented effectively by Breanna and Summer.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Blossom Parade

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Shannon and Summer were our first teachers for "Teach a Talent" in 2011. They did a fabulous job, teaching us zumba. So much enjoyment, so much fun!

Friday, November 18, 2011

WALT communicate ideas in art

Watch the video to see our neat artworks, communicating the idea of safe cycling.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WALT draw views of 3D shapes

Sarah went home and practised drawing 3D shapes after our maths lesson yesterday. She shows real skill at this!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Draw a Stickman

This site is fun, artistic, creative and challenging. Go draw a stickman and see what happens!

Mr M

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sausage Rolls in the Staffroom

Some Maths Strategies

Olivia created a voicethread to show her favourite maths strategy and has added other strategies from around the class. This voicethread will be added to, so please come back and visit it. Even better, join in the discussion!

Find out more about voicethread and if you wish, create a voicethread account here.